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Marion Bay Free Range Chicken Breast Skinless (​Loose)
$16.95 per kg
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William's Bread Original Sourdough 850g
$4.70 each $0.55 per 100g
Marion Bay Free Range Chicken Thigh Fillet
$15.95 per kg
First Grade Beef Mince (​Loose)
$16.95 per kg
CSR Caster Sugar 1kg
$4.25 each $0.43 per 100g
Middle Bacon
$18.95 per kg
Virginian Ham
$17.95 per kg
Depend Real Fit Incontinence Underwear Regular Women Medium 8 Pack
$14.40 each $1.80 each
Juicy Isle Juice Pineapple 1.5L
$5.95 each $3.97 per litre
Marion Bay Free Range Chicken Thighs Bone-In
$8.95 per kg
Pura Full Cream Milk 2L
$4.30 each $2.15 per litre
McCain Baby Beans 500g
$4.39 each $8.78 per kg
Sakata Rice Crackers Classic Barbecue 100g
$2.30 each $2.30 per 100g
Meadow Lea Salt Reduced Cholesterol Free 500g
$4.50 each $0.90 per 100g
Farmers Union Light Greek Style Natural Yogurt 1kg
$6.50 each $0.65 per 100g
Vita-Cee Orange Juice 2L
$5.95 each $2.98 per litre
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William's Bread Harvest Grains & Seeds 800g
$4.70 each $0.59 per 100g
Buy Tasmanian
William's Bread Wholemeal Sourdough 800g
$4.70 each $0.59 per 100g
Cripps Master Loaf White Sandwich 700g
$3.25 each $0.46 per 100g
First Grade Beef Mince (​Pre Packed)
$16.95 per kg
Kirks Sugar Free Lemonade Bottle Soft Drink 1.25L
was $2.60 $1.99 each $1.59 per litre
Liddells Lactose Free Low Fat Milk 1L
$3.60 each $3.60 per litre
Pampas Frozen Puff Pastry 10 Sheets 1.6kg
$7.99 each $0.50 per 100g
Fab Fresh Frangipani, Liquid Laundry Washing Detergent, 2L
$10.00 each $5.00 per litre
Sakata Wholegrain Original Rice Crackers 90g
$2.30 each $2.56 per 100g
Schweppes Zero Sugar Lemonade Soft Drink Bottle 1.1L
was $2.85 $2.49 each $2.26 per litre
Coca Cola Diet 2L
$3.95 each $1.98 per litre
Cripps Master Loaf 9 Grain Toast 680g
$3.25 each $0.46 per 100g
McCain Baby Peas 500g
$4.79 each $9.58 per kg
The Fresh Guys Multigrain Mid-Slice 680g
$3.15 each $0.45 per 100g
Waterfords Lite & Fruity Sparkling Natural Mineral Water Tahitian Lime 1L
$1.80 each $1.80 per litre
Yoplait Vanilla Yoghurt 1kg
$4.90 each $0.49 per 100g
Yoplait Zero Yoghurt Berry Harvest Multipack 6 x 160g
$6.50 each $0.68 per 100g
Arnotts Biscuits Family Assorted 500g
$5.00 each $1.00 per 100g
Birds Eye Garden Peas 1kg
$5.00 each $5.00 per kg
Bulla Sour Cream Premium 200mL
$3.99 each $2.00 per 100ml
Dine Salmon in a Seafood Sauce 7 x 85g
$9.00 each $1.51 per 100g
Golden Circle Australian Pineapple Pieces in Juice 440g
$4.40 each $10.00 per kg
Jalna Sweet & Creamy Greek Yoghourt 1kg
$7.50 each $0.75 per 100g
Pedigree Traditional Loaf with Beef & Marrowbone 1.2kg
$4.50 each $0.38 per 100g
Sprite Zero/​Diet/​Light Sprite Zero Sugar Lemonade Soft Drink 1.25L
$3.50 each $2.80 per litre
Vitasoy Soy Milk Calci-Plus 1L
$3.00 each $3.00 per litre
Whiskas 1 + Years Adult Wet Cat Food With Ocean Fish Loaf Can 400g
$2.60 each $0.65 per 100g
Whiskas 1+ Years Adult Wet Cat Food With Tuna Loaf Can 400g
$2.60 each $0.65 per 100g
Arnott's Spicy Fruit Roll 250g
$3.30 each $1.32 per 100g
Birds Eye Corn Cobs Supersweet 1kg
$6.00 each $6.00 per kg
Community Co Oil Olive X/​Virg 500mL
$12.99 each $2.60 per 100ml
Doritos Mild Salsa Dip 300g
$3.29 each $1.10 per 100g
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