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Somat Rinser + Drying Booster, Dishwashing Rinse Aid Liquid For Shiny And Dry Dishes 500mL

$8.00 each $1.60 per 100ml


Get dryer and shinier dishes with Somat Rinser + Drying Booster!

Somat Rinser + Drying Booster provides shine for dishes with a drying effect, to be added with a dishwasher detergent; there is no need to dry or shine the dishes anymore. This rinse aid dishwasher solution has limescale protection and anti-water spot action for effortlessly clear and clean dishes and glasses; the drying booster also works well with plastic. Straight from the dishwasher into the cupboard, with minimal effort required. This powerful dishwasher rinse aid formula with German Technology should be used in combination with a dishwashing detergent to work in dishwasher's rinse cycle to ensure that it is delivering shiny results. Contribute to saving water and electricity with Somat rinser and drying booster, as the product is effecive in both eco and short low temperature cycles.

Somat is committed to a cleaner world:
- Bottle made from 100% recycled plastic.
- Plants operate with 100% renewable electricity and their production has zero waste to landfills.
- Switch & Save: The product is effecive in both eco and short cycles.

Application of rinse aid for dishwasher:
- Add liquid into rinser compartment according to the dishwasher manufacturer's indication.
- Turn on dishwasher on preferred cycle.


Refer to www.henkel.com.au for full information