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San Remo Pasta Large Spirals Vegetable 375g

$2.95 each $0.79 per 100g


These larger spirals are great for pasta salads and bakes. For salads, try adding tuna – the chunky flakes compliment the large grooves in the spirals. Cooks in 10 minutes. San Remo is prouldy Australian Family Owned.


Durum Wheat Semolina (Gluten), Inulin (3.5%), Tomato Paste (2%), Spinach Powder (1%), Beetroot Powder.

Usage Instructions

Add pasta and 1 Tbsp. salt to 5 litres of boiling water, cook for 10 minutes or to taste.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.


Gluten, Wheat

Allergen may be present

Soy, Egg

Nutrition Information

Servings Per Packet 3.75
Serving Size 100g

Per Serving* Per 100g or 100mL*
Energy 1460kJ 1460kJ
Protein 12.5g 12.5g
Fat, Total 1.9g 1.9g
- Saturated Less than 1.0 Less than 1.0
- Trans Less than 1.0 Less than 1.0
- Polyunsaturated Less than 1.0 Less than 1.0
- Monounsaturated Less than 1.0 Less than 1.0
Carbohydrate 67.8g 67.8g
- Sugars 2.9g 2.9g
Dietary Fibre 9.1g 9.1g
Sodium 32mg 32mg

*All values are considered to be average

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