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Lipton English Bfast T/Bag 100's

$8.20 each $4.10 per 100g


Rich and Robust flavour in every rich cup of English Breakfast.

Say hello to the mornings and awaken your senses with this deliciously satisfying blend of rich and robust tea leaves from our own sustainable tea gardens in Kenya, Tanzania and more.

The world's full of wonder, embrace the bright heart of it with Lipton tea. Made with top sun-ripened tea leaves, freshly picked for their brightening, bold and aromatic flavour.

A sunny sip to awaken you to what the owrk hsa to offer to awakem you to the things that really matter.


Black Tea

Preparation Instructions

Infuse one teabag in 200mL hot boiling water (100 degrees celsius) for 2-3 minute

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place.



Allergen may be present


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