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Hubba Bubba Groovy Grape 35g

$1.45 each $4.14 per 100g


Get ready to blow the biggest, baddest bubbles with this pack of scrumptious HUBBA BUBBA GROOVY GRAPE Soft Bubble Gum! Each Bubble Gum packet has five chunks of HUBBA BUBBA Fruit Bubble Gum so you can practice blowing the wildest bubble gum bubbles ever! Share a soft, purple, squishy chunk of GROOVY GRAPE HUBBA BUBBA with a mate and see who can blow a tennis ball size bubble first. Or even a soccer ball! Or bigger! HUBBA BUBBA Gum is the best bubble blowing gum for bubble blowing contests like these! So get bubble blowing with this GROOVY HUBBA BUBBA GRAPE Bubble Gum and have some awesome fun. Big bubbles? No troubles!
Includes a 35g Pack with Five Chunky Pieces of HUBBA BUBBA GROOVY GRAPE Soft Bubble Gum.