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Heinz Spaghetti Tomato&Cheese 300gm

$2.99 each $1.00 per 100g


Heinz® Spaghetti is here to save the day with a quick and convenient meal. Containing a tomato squeezed into every serving, this spaghetti mixed with rich tomato sauce can be enjoyed by itself, on toast or with eggs. When you don't feel like cooking, don't have time or want to add a little something extra to your meal, Heinz® Spaghetti is the obvious choice. Conveniently packaged in can that's sized for two servings, it's perfect as a meal for two little ones, or as a side for the whole family. Just heat up in the microwave or on the stove, and enjoy.


Spaghetti (53%) (Water, Wheat Flour), Tomato Sauce (47%) [Tomatoes (44%), Sugar, Salt, Cheese (Contains Milk), Food Acid (Citric Acid)].

Preparation Instructions

Cooking Guide Stove Empty contents into a saucepan. Stir while heating gently until hot. Microwave (1000W) Empty contents into a microwave safe container. Heat on high for 1 minute, stir then heat on high for another minute. (Heating times may vary depending on the power of the microwave).

Storage Instructions

After opening, refrigerate unused contents in a non-metallic container.

Nutrition Information

Servings Per Packet 2
Serving Size 150g

Per Serving* Per 100g or 100mL*
Energy 405kJ 270kJ
Protein 3.0g 2.0g
Fat, Total 0.3g 0.2g
- Saturated 0g 0g
Carbohydrate 19.5g 13.0g
- Sugars 5.1g 3.4g
Dietary Fibre Value not available Value not available
Sodium 435mg 290mg

*All values are considered to be average

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