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Comfort Booster Rose Cardamon 200gm

$15.99 each $79.95 per kg


Comfort In-Wash Scent Booster Luxury Perfume is a revolutionary new perfume beads power-packed with​ 100% pure extract of exquisite botanical fragrances, ​its unique Scent Lock technology infuses your clothes with a luxurious, natural freshness that lasts up to ​12 weeks from wash to wear.​ Luxury Perfume is a beautiful crisp combination of Rose and Sakura. This luxurious fragrance is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Add 2/3 of Cap to experience an indulgent freshness boost from an exquisite blend of Rose & Sakura that last up to 12 weeks. Add more or less depending on your desired fragrance intensity and number of Clothes. Suitable for use on all fabrics.

Made with 98% Biodegradable Ingredients

Dosage Instructions:
1. Pour Directly into the machine drum (do not pour into the detergent/softener) tray
2. Add in your Clothes
3. Add Laundry Products as usual (designed for machine washing, not suitable for Hand-washing)


Ingredients: Fragrance Carrier, Fragrance, Colourants. For a full ingredient list go to www.unilever.com.au www.unilever.co.nz

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