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Bepanthen Cream 100g

$17.50 each $17.50 per 100g


Bepanthen is an multi-purpose antiseptic cream that helps protect damaged skin from infection and is also effective for the treatment of cuts, abrasions, chafed & cracked skin, scalds, insect bites & strings, chapped hands, minor skin irritations and sunburn. Bepanthen Antiseptic cream helps the skin to repair. Gentle enough to be used on baby skin.
- Helps protect damaged skin from infection.
- For cuts, stings, chafed skin, cracked skin, scalds and sunburn.
- Soothing Cream for damaged skin.


Benzalkonium chloride, beeswax white, butylparaben, cetyl alcohol, disodium edetate, ethanol, ethylparaben, lanolin, methylparaben, Dexpanthenol, paraffin liquid, paraffin soft white, perfume, phenoxyethanol, propylparaben, almond oil, stearyl alcohol, purified water.

Storage Instructions

Store below 25°C

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