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Ajax Professional Mould Remover Cleaning Spray, , Low Fumes 500mL

$7.00 each $1.40 per 100ml


Ajax Professional Mould Cleaner Trigger Spray has a high tech formula that effectively kills mould in seconds with low fumes. It's power foam trigger allows you to target the area with minimal fuss and removes soap scum, grime and germs.

- High tech formula kills mould in seconds
- Upside down power foam trigger
- Removes soap scum, grime and germs
- Low fumes
- Proudly made in Australia

Ajax Professional Mould Cleaner is suitable for use in the bathroom and laundry tiles, grouting, tiled walls, plastic shower curtains, concrete patios, eaves and most mould affected areas.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.

Size: 500mL Trigger Surface Spray


Refer to www.colgatepalmolive.com.au for full information.

Storage Instructions

Store above 10°C & below 30°C out of direct sunlight.

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