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Macleans Extrm Fresh Clean 170gm

$5.00 each $2.94 per 100g
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Thousands of fresh bubbles carry our active micro-crystals all around the mouth. Regular use of Macleans Extreme Clean Lasting Fresh Toothpaste will deliver double the cleaning performance* in hard to reach places, whilst strengthening your enamel provided by fluoride.

The micro-crystals in the Extreme Clean Lasting Fresh Toothpaste formulation are up to 3x smaller than abrasives in a regular Macleans toothpaste; tiny enough to slip in between teeth yet tough enough to give you double the cleaning power in hard-to-reach places.


Double your clean! Get to those tricky, hard to reach places between your teeth with Macleans Extreme Clean Lasting Fresh Toothpaste.

- Double the cleaning performance in hard to reach places*

- Up to 3x smaller polishing micro-crystals*

- Up to 8x longer lasting fresh feeling^


*vs a regular Macleans toothpaste

^vs an ordinary toothpaste