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Somat Gold 3-In-1 Machine Dishwasher Gel Tablets 51 Pack

$35.00 each $0.69 each


Somat Gold 3 in 1 Caps – Multifunctional dishwashing gel and powder caps with active formula act against greasy stains

This unique German Gel Technology has an active formula that provides a brilliant shine while the powder acts against greasy stains. The dish cleaner disolves quickly without leaving unwanted residue and gives glasses a sparkling-clean shine after every dishwashing cycle. The formula is effective in short cycles as well as eco cycles, so make the switch to saving water and up to 20% energy using Somat Gold capsules. The eco and short cycle dishwasher detergent is easy to use with no mess, simply place the capsule directly in the dosing chamber, no need to unwrap. It is convenient to use on all dishwasher-safe plates, glasses, mugs, bottles, silverware, cutlery, pots and pans.

Somat is committed to a cleaner world:
- Biodegradable and 100% water-soluble film.
- Plants operate with 100% renewable electricity and their production has zero waste to landfills.
- Switch & Save: Save water and up to 20% energy by switching to low temperature eco and short cycles, where these caps will still efficently deliver an excellent cleaning result.

1. Easy and clean: no need to unwrap the water-soluble cover.
2. Place 1 capsule directly in the dosing chamber of the dishwasher.
3. Do not put the capsule in the cutlery basket or in the dosage box for salt.

For additional sparkle and shine, use the Somat Rinser. Somat Duo Machine Cleaner will help upkeep a clean dishwasher quickly and easily.


Refer to www.henkel.com.au for full information