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Libra Extra Pads Goodnights With Wings 10 Pack

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Embrace a goodnight's sleep with Libra Extra Goodnights Pads with Wings. With up to 12 hours of protection, they feature an extra thick yet soft layer, delivering both comfort and security when you need it most. Carefully designed with a unique BodyFit shape that moulds to your body for comfort like a second skin, and curved wings that keep the pad securely in place throughout the night. Our Extra's range helps you to handle the heaviest of flows with ease. The high absorbency is complemented by extra length, providing extra coverage in any sleeping position. Libra Extra Goodnights Pads are more than just a bedtime essential; they're a cushiony piece of comfort so that you can sleep well and face the day with confidence.

Our pads are designed to fit you, created to work with a wide range of flow levels and sizes. With Libra, experience the freedom to live boldly, even during 'that time of the month'. Here's to feeling fabulous, period.

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