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P/Dent P/Grip Crm Frsh Mint 60gm

$14.85 each $24.75 per 100g


Dig into your favourite foods free of care and full of confidence. Polident Fresh Denture Adhesive Cream gives you triple action strong 12-hour hold, food seal protection and comfort. It helps block out irritating food particles from getting stuck under your full or partial dentures. Just take that bite and enjoy freedom from foods such as nuts, seeds or popcorn sneaking under your denture.

Did you know that applying an adhesive such as Polident Fresh Denture Adhesive Cream can still help enhance your overall denture experience? Become one with your denture and get strong all-day hold and minty freshness.

Best of all, applying and removing is simple: just clean and dry your denture and rinse your mouth. Then refer to pack diagrams for how to apply the product to either partial or full dentures. Next, press your denture into place, holding it firmly. Bite down for a few seconds and you’re good to go. To remove, swish your mouth with warm water and then remove denture using a rocking motion. Remove any adhesive residue from your denture and your mouth with a soft brush and warm water.

Boost your partial or full denture care routine and clean with Polident denture cleansing tablets. They remove* 99.9% of odour causing bacteria**. Keep your denture clean and fresh.

*When used as directed
**In laboratory tests; Kiesow, A. et al. (2016) J. Prosthet. Dent. 115(2);189-98. Financial sponsor: Haleon
^AU NielsenIQ© & IQVIA™, Grocery & Pharmacy Scan Data, Denture Care Category, Value/Unit Sales 52 weeks 20/09/2022


Calcium/Sodium PVM/MA Copolymer, Petrolatum, Cellulose Gum, Mineral Oil, Flavour, Propylparaben, Cl 45430

Storage Instructions

Keep cap and nozzle dry. Refasten cap after use. Store in a cool, dry place.

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