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Cloths, Sponges & Paper Towel

Quilton P/​Towel White 60sh 4pk
$5.39 each $2.25 per 100 units
Quilton P/​Towel Wht 3ply 2pk
$3.55 each $2.96 per 100 units
S/​Brite Scourer 4pk
$3.99 each $1.00 each
Sabco Handy Gloves Large 3 Pack
$7.49 each
Sabco Microfingers Extn Duster 1ea
$25.65 each
Sabco O/​Door Broom Cmplt Jiffy 1ea
$21.09 each
Sabco Round Bucket Metal Handl 10lt
was $7.99 $6.99 each
Sabco Round Dish Brush 1ea
$4.99 each
Sabco Super Swish Spray Mop 1ea
$72.00 each
Sabco Tile & Grout Brush 1ea
$8.79 each
Sabco Toilet Brush Tidy Set
$8.25 each
Sabco Vinyl Dispos Gloves Med 25pk
$4.95 each $0.20 each
Sabco X/​Wide Sponge Mop Bucket 12.​5lt
$17.99 each
Tinge Stain Remover 750ml
$5.25 each $7.00 per litre
Vileda 3/​1 Scourer 2pk
$2.99 each $1.50 each
Vileda Active Scour Sup Abs 2pk
$5.15 each $2.58 each
Vileda Supermop M/​F Pls Ref 1ea
$14.55 each
Vileda Supermop M/​F Tx Hndl 1ea
$24.59 each
Wash Scrub Pack 5pk
$6.99 each $1.40 each
Wet & Dry Mop 1ea
$24.99 each
Wettex Sponge Cloth Trad 3pk
$4.89 each $1.63 each
Wht Mgc Eco Bsc Broom 1ea
$16.55 each
Wht Mgc Eco Bscs Dst Pn & Brm 1ea
$10.75 each
Wht Mgc Mcr Fbr Glass Ecocloth 1ea
$9.29 each
Wht Mgc Mcr Fbr Gp Cloth 1ea
$9.29 each
Wht Mgc Mcr Fbr S/​S Eco Cloth 1ea
$9.29 each
Wht Mgc Shower Bath/​Tile Clner 1pk
$21.99 each
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