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Christmas Products

Walkers Toffee English Creamy 150g
$6.45 each $4.30 per 100g
B/​Bonheur Frts Excllnt Jellies 200g
$21.20 each $10.60 per 100g
Beechs Ginger Creams Dk 90g
$11.50 each
Duncans Btr S/​Brd All Scottish 200g
$8.25 each $4.13 per 100g
Emmalines Rocky Road Xmas Slab 300g
$15.95 each $5.32 per 100g
Lakker Christmas Mint Candy Cane Bar
$13.90 each
Lindt Lindor Dark Assorted Chocolate Cornet 327g
$26.00 each $7.95 per 100g
Niederegger Marz C/​Bar Clsc Dk 110g
$9.95 each $9.05 per 100g
Toblerone Pralines 180g
was $16.00 $13.89 each $7.72 per 100g
Walk Aft Dinner Turk Del Thins 135g
$4.85 each $3.59 per 100g
Walkers Tof A/​Pack Original 100g
$3.95 each $3.95 per 100g
Walkers Toffee Liquorice 100g
$3.95 each $3.95 per 100g
White Castle Luxury Cream Wafers Vanilla 300g
$8.25 each $2.75 per 100g
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